Training Center


Haley’s Pro Shop offers professional coaching by USBC Gold Level Coach, Ron Hoppe. Ron has over 40 years of experience in the bowling industry and has coached some of bowling’s pros including Mika Koivuniemi, Brian Voss, Norm Duke, Tim Mack, and Hugh Miller. In addition to coaching individuals, Ron has also been the head coach of 5 different countries – South Korea, Bahrain, Bermuda, Singapore, and Australia.
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Strike Seeker

Lessons are done on our in-house regulation lane outfitted with Strike Seeker technology. Strike Seeker is an all-in-one coaching tool that uses cameras mounted onto our lane to automatically track your ball and then provide data and video replays onto our monitor during your session. Your data can then be emailed to you after your session.

Tools & Trainers

We also carry a variety of other tools and trainers to help you during your lesson such as the Bowling Buddies trainers. These trainers help you develop the “muscle memory” of proper bowling fundamentals to allow you to develop more consistency in your game.


Lessons are available by appointment only.
(Call/Text: 206-931-1933 for Lessons)
$250 Full Session (1 day, aprox. 6 hrs)
$75 Standard Lesson (aprox. 60 mins)
$45 Ball Fitting w/short lesson (aprox. 30 mins)
$40 Tune-up Lesson (aprox. 30 mins)
10% Discount for youth, seniors, & military


* All lessons/sessions, please bring a 1 terabyte (1T) external drive and a 3.0 32G thumb drive to download your session from Strike Seeker for you to reference back to. An additional fee will be added to cover the cost if we have to provide you with one.