Fittings are done by USBC Silver Level Coach, Purvis Granger and USBC Gold level coach Ron Hoppe, together they have over 70 years of experience in fitting and ball drilling. Each fitting includes a short lesson on our in-house lane with your new ball.

$65 Fitting Fee

All fittings include a short time on our in-house lane to get comfortable with the new fit and see if there are any adjustments that need to be made. Also includes any and all adjustments that may be needed due to weight gain/loss or any fit problems in the future. This is a one-time fee.


Drilling is done by Jeff Miller. Miller has over 25 years of ball drilling experience and has developed his own proprietary methods, enabling him to do custom drillings not available in a standard pro shop.

$40 Adult Drilling Fee
$30 Youth Conventional Drilling Fee

Plugging & Repairs

Complete plugging and repair services are available. Everything from a simple hole fill to lane nicks and cracked bridge repairs.

$80 Plug & Re-drill
Includes Resurface & Detox, Parts Extra
Price varies for repairs. Please contact us for an estimate.


Grips & Inserts

We carry Turbo and Vise grips and slugs as well as both the Vise IT and Switch Grip Interchangeable thumb systems. The interchangeable thumb systems allow you to adjust and keep a perfect fit throughout your game.

$5 Turbo Finger grip, installed
$10 Thumb slug, installed
Vise Interchangeable Thumb System
$20 Ball IT, installed
$20 Thumb IT
Turbo Switch Interchangeable Thumb System
$18 Outer Sleeve, installed
$20 Inner Thumb

Additional Services

Additional services include ball resurfacing and restoration on our HAUS Resurfacing System and ball cleaning in our brand new state-of-the-art Jayhawk Detox Machine. Our detox machine features ultrasonic technology to penetrate the cover and give you the deepest clean available without subjecting your ball to the extreme heat that other systems do.


We also have the Jayhawk Ball Surface Scanner. The surface of your ball is arguably the most important yet easily adjustable parameter in your ball’s performance. The Jayhawk Ball Surface Scanner accurately measures a ball’s surface before and after resurfacing to verify the consistency of the ball finish.


Click HERE to learn more about the importance of ball surface.

$15 Detox
$30 Detox & Ball Resurfacing


Knowledgeable pro shop with a unique atmosphere and quality products. These guys will really change your game!
Traci Smith
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Always great work and always have what you need!!!

Ross Ramsdell (Via Facebook)